Mater Suspiria Vision

Mater Suspiria Vision’s Haunted Witch House World

Witch house is a hybrid genre that was most prominent between 2010 and 2013. It integrates influences from goth, shoegaze, industrial, chopped and screwed hip hop, trap, and aggressive rave styles to comprise its sound. Often, tracks contain chilling synth lines overwhelming the mix; mangled, slowed, or incomprehensible vocals; and cold, electronic percussion.

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Starkey Produces “Drama” For 18+, Chats Charli XCX, Grime

Starkey is a native Philadelphian who has been crafting dubstep/grime tracks for years. His first album, Ephemeral Exhibits (2008), was a revelation, blending dubstep with ambient and melodic electronics. Last year’s The Transponder Orchestra found him further stretching the boundaries between melodic synths and epic bass blasts.

Published at Rock On Philly