Game Theory and Marx: "Narcos"

Game Theory and Marx: Narcos as a Capitalist Parable

Narcos expounds on the idea that the War on Drugs is a bleak quagmire, less about decisive triumphs and more about a slow, eternal slog. Even with the elimination of key criminal figures, victories are often bittersweet, accompanied by civilian casualties or political entanglements. The show depicts the narcotics industry as a form of capitalism run amok, an unending game motivating its central criminals.

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The Teacher

The Teacher Shows That Communism's Impact Still Resonates

The Teacher is a feature film set during the country’s last years of communism. Created nearly three decades after the Velvet Revolution, which would reinstitute a democratic government and eventually split the country into the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the film is an utter purge against its former ideology. Its mere existence shows that communism’s impact still resonates among those who lived through the anxious and paranoid period.

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North Korea

Nice To Meet You: A Journey Into North Korea

There are sanctioned tours that travel to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), better known as North Korea. I decided to join a tour centering around the 70th anniversary of the Worker’s Party of Korea. Hundreds of tourists flew to the capital of Pyongyang to experience this strange country at a time highly celebrated by the locals. Unequivocally, North Korea was the most bizarre place I will ever visit in my lifetime.

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Burning Man

Welcome Home: Thoughts On Burning Man

Burning Man’s been around since the eighties, so by now everyone knows someone who has gone. Every year, another photo series of incredible images from the festival emerges. Much has been said about the ten core principles, and I could talk about each of these and how they applied to me throughout the week, but something would get lost in translation.

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Freelance Career

Techniques To Immediately Diversify Your Freelance Career

When work comes pouring in, it's easy for freelancers to stay busy. When the phones aren't ringing off the hook, we find ourselves wondering what to do with our auxiliary time. Pushing our enterprises forward is about more than emailing clients to remind them you're still freelancing and itching for work. Here's a few pursuits to consider during those non-billable hours.

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Book Trailers

Don't Judge A Book By Its Trailer

The book trailer is just beginning to find its voice. As the name suggests, the book trailer is a video that promotes a book, much as a movie trailer generates hype for its feature film. Two years ago, a clip was released for Thomas Pynchon's eagerly awaited Inherent Vice. In the trailer, notably voiced by the reclusive author himself, shaky video footage of barren California beaches and a soundtrack reminiscent of Pink Floyd gives the narration a nostalgic feel. At the end, Pynchon all but tells you to stop watching: Maybe you'll just want to read the book, before balking at its retail price.

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Drug Reform

International Drug Reform Conference Highlights Deregulation

I'm packed inside a crowded elevator at the Sheraton Downtown Denver, Colorado's largest hotel. As the car races down and settles onto the concourse level, someone in front of me remarks, "These drug guys are really serious." He's referring to the attendees of the four-day Reform Conference that collects advocates from all corners of the globe to discuss sensible drug policy reform.

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