Suzanne Ciani: The Emotion Of Sound

Suzanne Ciani has been on the electronic music frontlines since the seventies. A prominent figure on the West Coast, Ciani worked with Don Buchla as he developed his legendary Buchla modular music systems. Instantly enamored with its sonic possibilities, she became an expert in designing modular patches, becoming a lifelong devotee. During a time when musicians were first articulating electronic music’s language and the public was grappling with the sound’s place in culture, Ciani created works with personal as well as commercial appeal.

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How Two DJs Are Defying the Iranian Government with Techno

Since the late 1970s, the Iranian government has regulated many of life’s pleasures, including music. Imam Khomeini considered the art “no different than opium” — a sentiment that was echoed in a conservative Iranian newspaper: “Whoever acquired the habit [of music] can no longer devote himself to important activities.”

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Tristan Perich: Working Inside 1-Bit's Insane Limits

Personal computers stand as one of the most substantial inventions of the 20th century, to some great extent because of how they’ve reframed our very identities. Our laptops, tablets and phones intersect with many branches of our lives, especially the methods by which we entertain ourselves.

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How Blackmagic Design is Democratizing Resolve

Resolve's 12.5 beta has been loaded with features that make the life of a colorist easier. Color is a crucial part of the process, and having multiple tools to affect the image enables colorists to address clients' needs in a rapid and varied manner.

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Dumbsaint's Cinematic Opus Panorama, In Ten Pieces

In 1958, Jack Kerouac listed 30 guidelines for executing better prose, providing valuable insight as to how the celebrated writer approached his craft. A proponent of Allen Ginsberg’s “first thought, best thought” philosophy, Kerouac championed unedited writing as one way of accessing the subconscious.

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Wandering a Spotify Analyst's Mad Music Map

Have you ever wondered how many music genres there are? Spotify data analyst Glenn McDonald has an answer to the question—and he’s built the map to illustrate it. Every Noise at Once catalogues over 1,500 genres ranging from the esoteric (deep discofox) to the bizarre (catstep).

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Nice to Meet You: A Journey into North Korea

There are sanctioned tours that travel to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), better known as North Korea. I decided to join a tour centering around the 70th anniversary of the Worker’s Party of Korea.

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